A portrait of eight women, now in their eighties, reflecting on the delicate balance of their lives as homemakers and members of a 1960s modern dance group.  A rendering of the intersections of motherhood, marriage, and movement.

Eight Women, 2009, 29min, 16mm


Naomi & Irving, 2007, 4min, 16mm

In Boyton Beach, Florida, Naomi, age 80, and Irving, 90, share the exercise routines that keep them mobile and energetic. An exploration of choreography and the everyday, Naomi’s movements in the pool make maps out of water and light while Irving’s footsteps add rhythm and asphalt to the flow of water. "A delicate documentary on daily exercises practiced by surprisingly fit Naomi and Irving." – Movement on Screen Festival.

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Little Film Big Heart

Naomi & Irving

Your Hands and My Teeth, 2013, 6min, 16mm

Your Hands and My Teeth articulates a feminine film language,expressing history and desire, through a tactile sense of vision. A bedroom window, hands on a trumpet case, and combing hair in the afternoon are among the visual fragments informed by place, light, sound and time.

Gaia Mama,16mm and HD, forthcoming